Humber Armoured Car Mk.IV Foreign service – Czechoslovak and Polish Units – soon

Today we bring camouflages and box art of our following new kit. The model will again have PE, resin and 3D details. Polish troops used the Humber Armored Car as a regular equipment of the reconnaissance units. In the Czechoslovak Armored Brigade, on the other hand, only one car was acquired in a curious way. The unit managed to pull one immovable piece of Humber from the stream where it fell and was left. Unit workhop put it back into operation. That is why this considerably “lightened” car without some standard equipment was named Vodník Venca. The car even reached Czechoslovakia after the war end.

The kit contains decals for two Polish and one Czechoslovak armoured car from the Western Front. The kit will again contain plastic parts allowing the construction of the car without any additional accessories. However, to improve the appearance of the model, this professional kit will contain etched parts, resin cast details including wheels and 3D printed parts containing mainly both gun barrels for both weapons.