Humber Armoured Car Mk.IV – soon

Unfortunately, thanks to covid, we again experienced delays in preparing the news. But the work continued. This model will be the first to have 3D printed parts – barrels and headlight covers. The first box will of course contain PE parts and casted parts as well.

The Humber Armored Car Mk.IV was the most widely produced version of this successful British armored car. The main change was in the armament – the original large-caliber machine gun was replaced by the American 37mm cannon known mainly from American Stuart light tanks. Humber Mk.IV took part in the fighting in Europe – first in Italy, then after landing in Normandy on the Western Front. Other cars reached the Far East, where they took part in the fighting with the Japanese.

After the war, surplus machines were exported and so their service continued long into the seventies of the twentieth century. Armored vehicles have been involved in other local conflicts virtually around the world.

72935 Humber Armoured Car Mk.IV – WWII British Army Europe – camo schemes

The plastic model of Humber Mk.IV builds on our successful kits series of this British armored car. The turret is different, along with the equipment and other details. The model can be built “purely from plastic parts”. As usual, our “Profi” versions always contain something more. It is no different with the Humber Mk.IV – the kit will contain resin and PE parts as a bonus, but that’s not all. For the first time, we used the direct 3D printing method. There will be printed barrel 37mm cannon, machine gun and two complex protective frames of headlights.

Humber Armoured Car Mk.IV – 3D parts

Although the covid has delayed the preparation of the news, everything is coming to a successful end and the model will be launched around April 21, 2022.