72930 L1500A Mannschaftswagen – Stab

72930 L1500A Mannschaftswagen – Stab

Today we present you our novelty – the model of the L1500A staff car. Thanks to the mobility of armies, during the Second World War, higher demands were placed on the activities of war staffs at all levels of command – Commanders and their staffs had to follow combat units and be similarly mobile. Therefore, a number of modified vehicles were created. Today we bring you one of the modified cars. For the needs of the command was modified light off-road truck 4×4 L1500A. The hull was replaced by a “shed” with a simple interior, which allowed both the activity of the staff and, thanks to the benches, easier accommodation.

72930 L1500A Mannschaftwagen-Stab camo mc

The 1/72 scale kit allows the construction of just such a car. The detailed chassis is complemented by a new superstructure. The plastic frames contain classic bikes, which are complemented by alternative resin off-road bikes, which are documented in a photograph. The superstructure contains the basic interior – a bench and a table. Etchings are also available for better rendering of some details and decals for two versions of camouflage.

You can buy the model here: https://www.plasticplanet.cz/en/models/afv-and-tanks/1-72-1-76/l1500a-mannschaftwagen-stab-pe-exterior-set-resin-alternative-wheels.html?cur=1&&&listtype=search&searchparam=72930

Chassis detail
Wheels resin
Decal etching
Test fit
Test fit