72932 Marmon Herrington Mk.II with Pak 36


The South African armoured vehicle, also known as Marmon Herrington, was originally created as a temporary solution. Even before the outbreak of World War II, the South African government was afraid of being cut off from supplies of armament from Britain or other states. That’s why an interesting armoured car was built, built on the chassis of Ford trucks, soon complemented by a front-wheel drive axle from the American Marmon Herrington. The car was simple, heavily armed and designed to involve local businesses in its production. The hulls were created in various railway workshops, then centrally to complete the wagons.

Although it was a makeshift construction, it eventually proved so successful that it continued to evolve. Armoured vehicles were then deployed on all African battlefields, reaching the European continent and even the Far East. The cars were characterised by robustness, low failure rate, good terrain clearance and were spacious enough. In addition, many of them were captured and subsequently deployed either by German or Italian troops. The strongest weapon of serial cars was the anti-tank rifle Boys. However, it gradually ceased to suffice. Therefore, on both sides proceeded to the field modification of the cars using different guns. Paradoxically, most cars armed with the British got prey Italian cannons. But the photos also show a car equipped with a German light anti-tank gun Pak 36. Adjustment was simple. The captured wagon lost its turret and a simple structure was welded to the ceiling of the hull in front of the opening to allow mounting of the gun mount, including its shield. Paradoxically, after the Battle of El Alamein, this vehicle was captured back by British troops. We used historical photos to build the model.


The kit is based on the successful Marmon Herrington series 1:72 scale. The model is complemented by its own cannons PaK 36 metal etched parts to improve the resulting model. Resin parts include not only parts that enhance the appearance of the radiator, new wheels or gun mount to the roof, but also the interior of the car. It is well visible through the opening in the ceiling of the tower.Everything is ready to make the construction was simple. In addition, you can store in the car and several cartridges full or empty. Everything is accompanied by decals.

Attack 72932 Marmon Herrington Mk.II with PaK 36 box art
Attack 72932 Marmon Herrington Mk.II with PaK 36 box art

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Photo of modified vehicle you can find here

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