They Fight for Us

Attack Hobby Kits has decided to create a new line of plastic models and decals called “They Fight for Us”. A number of modelers build plastic models as their world of history in scale remembering historical events and people linked to those evenets. A new line from Attack Hobby Kits is primarily intended for them. The new range of models will bring interesting vehicles from the Czechoslovak units from the period of the Second World War. Models will include moldings from different manufacturers. Improvements will be not only specific decals, but also other details that will enable to improve model to excelent. The main part will be the decals, which will always allow the construction of several vehicles or tanks in camouflages of Czechoslovak foreign units from both – east and west fronts. Because the kits will be prepared as a memory of Czechoslovak soldiers, they can not miss even figurines to make the cars come alive.

Not all interesting camouflage will fit into the kit. Therefore, in parallel, they will be issued decals extending the possibilities of construction of vehicles by others, which did not come into selection in the box. The first example of these cars will be the legendary Willys kit in the 1/72 scale. The kit for vehicles from “western” units is already available on the market, and the kit for the eastern cars will follow. Decals then scale 1/72 complement the Jeep options on both fronts. Stuart tanks and Chevrolet / Ford CMP chassis will follow.