“Small Blitz” – German light truck Type 2,5-32


The name Blitz is more closely associated with the legendary German three-ton truck. In addition, however, the manufacturer from Rüsselsheim was also used for a light truck with a load capacity of 1.5 tons, which had been also offered to the Wehrmacht in the early 1930s. Finally, its production ran in parallel with the larger “brother” from 1934 until 1944 and even in 1946 the production was restored. During that long time many variants were created – the vehicle served not only as a light truck, but also as an ambulance, van, bus, … The production of the basic model runs until 1952, when there was a significant modernisation done including rounding the shapes of the car.


We launched the first two versions of the basic truck in scale 1:72. Two gray plastic frames and one small with transparent parts this time contain all the parts that are needed to build the model, including small details. Nevertheless, we added to the first two kits the photo etched details and traditionally the wheel castings and tarpaulins on the cab roof. Due to the different users of this small truck, we decided to prepare several covers that differ not only decals. The first is a kit with decals and camouflage cars from Western Europe and the second is from Africa. African version also includes a casting of cargo to the cargo bay.