Phänomen Granit 25H Propagandawagen, Attack Hobby Kits 1/72

Phänomen Granit 25H Propagandawagen (72939)

The second January novelty is the Phänomen Granit 25H Propagandawagen in 1/72 scale. Kit Today’s innovation makes it possible to build a model of a modified Phänomen Granit car designed for the needs of the Propagandakompanie Wehrmacht units. With the trumpeters, these cars served to send messages to German soldiers near the front. Phänomen Granit … Read more

News 11/2020 – Phänomen Granit 25H Radiowagen 1/72

From the very beginning of the war, the Wehrmacht was aware of the importance of radio communication between units at all levels. At the beginning, it was one of the most important elements enabling the full use of mobile motorized units. Therefore, the Wehrmacht tried to place radios in almost all tanks or armored vehicles. … Read more

News 10/2020: L1500A Personnel Carrier Africa 1/72

Obrázek L1500A Personnel Carrier Africa krabička

We have prepared for you the second cover of a light truck – L1500A Personnel Carrier Africa 1/72. This Mercedes light truck was one of the results of the standardization of the Wehrmacht’s diverse fleet. Thanks to this, it has enjoyed great popularity since 1943 and was manufactured in a design designed for passenger transport. … Read more

Barrels, barrels and again those barrels …

Link to e-shop: Another edition of our resin sets is a set of barrels and canisters in scale 1/72. You can find a total of 16 barrels in three different designs plus four barrels open from above. The set also contains 10 detailed canisters. The motorization of armies during World War II brought with … Read more

Wehrmacht hand-held anti-tank weapons 1/72

After a long time, we are returning a set of cast German hand anti-tank weapons in scale 1/72 scale from the Second World War to the market. Fits as addition to models of technology or to dioramas in scale 1/72. The package contains Luftfaust, Panzerfaust, Panzerfaustklein and Panzerschreck. Link to e-shop: Panzerfaust The most … Read more