72923 L1500A Personnel Carrier West & South Europe

72923 L1500A Personnel Carrier West & South Europe, Attack Hobby Kits, Plastic Model 1/72

https://attack-kits.eu/l1500a-personnel-carrier-west-south-europe.html Shortly after the start of production of the “standardised” light truck with the military designation L1500 – in versions A as 4×4 and S as simpler 4×2, other versions were developed using the same chassis. Version 4×4 marked as L1500A began to be used more and more for the production of cars designed to … Read more

72932 Marmon Herrington Mk.II with Pak 36

Attack 72932 Marmon Herrington Mk.II with PaK 36 box art

History The South African armoured vehicle, also known as Marmon Herrington, was originally created as a temporary solution. Even before the outbreak of World War II, the South African government was afraid of being cut off from supplies of armament from Britain or other states. That’s why an interesting armoured car was built, built on … Read more

“Small Blitz” – German light truck Type 2,5-32

Plastic model 1:72 Attack Hobby Kits - Wehrmacht Light Truck 2,5-32

History The name Blitz is more closely associated with the legendary German three-ton truck. In addition, however, the manufacturer from Rüsselsheim was also used for a light truck with a load capacity of 1.5 tons, which had been also offered to the Wehrmacht in the early 1930s. Finally, its production ran in parallel with the … Read more

Marmon Herrington Mk.II ME/MFF – captured

During the fighting in North Africa, both sides of the conflict used high variety of captured vehicles, including Marmon Herrington – South African armored vehicles. These vehicles were more than adequate for desert areas. In addition to high speed and fairly strong armament, these vehicles were also known for their resilience and reliability. These properties … Read more

Phänomen Granit Utiliti and Ambulance Car

Box Art of model from Attack Hobby Kits - 72911 Phänomen Granit 25H Late Ambulance

We are currently finalyzing the new model of ambulance and utility car Phänomen Granit 25H late. Today we will introduce it to you for the first time. The model will contain most of the new plastic parts. Add etched metal parts and extensive decals to them. As the first pair of kits, we will bring … Read more